Fine Arts

Before I discovered my love of website, graphic and logo design, I was an Art History major and Fine Arts minor from the University of Pittsburgh. Over the years, I got back into acrylic painting. I initially started getting commissioned by friends to do specific paintings they could give as gifts (ex: baby showers, kids birthdays, kids room decor, etc…). And that lead to doing pet portraits as well. Here are some that I have painted over the years. Enjoy!

COMING SOON! Featured at Mario Lemieux Foundation Austin's Playroom (Pgh)

A Place Just For Kids. Austin’s Playrooms provide a safe, fun, and engaging atmosphere for kids while their families focus on health and healing in the face of difficult medical challenges. Millions of families have found comfort in Austin’s Playroom, Military Playrooms, and the Lemieux Sibling Center. 

Commissioned Works (Pet Portraits & Gifts)