Hi, I’m Monique Savits

I love the creative process of taking an idea and bringing it to life.

My background

I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up…

Did you have a Mom that made you try everything when you were a kid? I did! She was famous for saying “Try it, you’ll like it!”. Her intentions were all good and just wanted me to be a well-rounded individual, as most parents do.

At one point during my childhood, I was juggling violin, guitar, piano, ballet and art classes. On top of that, my Mom was the local Girl Scout leader so of course, I was a Brownie and then a Junior (eating more Thin Mints than I care to admit). Plus, add to the mix the dreaded Ecology Day Camp (where we played in the woods) and Chatham Summer Camp (where I remember attempting tap classes).

With all of that on my plate, the ONLY thing I completely enjoyed were the art classes my mother signed me up for at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh (were I grew up). We were given supplies, an assignment and then allowed to wander the dim corridors (surrounded by exhibits of dinosaurs, prehistoric underwater creatures and mummies) to choose our subject for the day. I would get lost in my own world and sketch to my heart’s content.

Throughout my life, I continued to draw, paint and sketch for fun. High school art classes became a great escape for me. It wasn’t just an easy “A” (like it was for most kids), it was something I looked forward to and threw myself into.

Initially college was just something to do after high school until I discovered the Art History Department at the University of Pittsburgh. I was completely in love with my classes and majored in Art History – with a minor in Studio Arts.

After college, and still unsure of what I wanted to be when I grew up, my Mom said “You love art, so why not venture out into the world of careers involving The Arts and see what strikes your fancy!” And so I did. From an internship at an art gallery to an assistant at a small graphic/industrial design firm to an assistant manager at an art supply store to a box office manager for 2 performing arts theaters.

When I moved to Baltimore in 2001, I tried something new and began working at a health club. As I was assisting the Program Director at the Maryland Athletic Club & Wellness Center, I realized there was no marketing inside the club to our members, they had no idea of all of our offerings. And so began the Internal Marketing Department at the MAC. 

I realized what I loved most was the creative process of taking an idea and bringing it to life for all to see!

Hence Concepts By Q Website and Graphic Design began in 2006 and has been building a client list ever since! What is your vision? 

Let me make it happen for you!